Hello, and welcome


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"What are we doing?" -- Taylor Twellman, about something completely different.

Hi, welcome to my blog. I have thought about writing again for a while, but I tend to get really focused on one thing for a period of time, and then I will get hyper-focused on something else for a while. I have never managed to pick one thing and stick to it.

Sometimes I am obsessed with soccer, or with art, or with music, or with programming. Any one of these subject might make a good blog, but a barrage of posts for 4 months followed by 2 years of silence doesn't seem like a winning strategy.

There is one common element in all of these endeavors though, I keep learning new things. I have decided to record some of the things I learn, and things I find interesting. Some of it may be useful to someone else, some might be entertaining, or maybe it will be of no value to anyone but myself.

I make no warranty. Read at you own risk.